31 Dec 2018

New Zealand PurePods Glass Tiny House Architecture

A perfect view of all of your surroundings, just make sure it's built in a private area.
PurePods are located in New Zealand and this is a snippet of the description on their site:  "The privacy, the isolation of a luxurious glass cabin completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world."  And: "The PurePod is designed from the foundations up for environmental sustainability and minimalist luxury."  PurePods offer a stay in 6 pods in different locations, each Tiny House, with different characteristic and activities, tied to the place you choose.  They also offer the chance of Pod-Hopping, where you spend a couple of nights in each one, or a combination of fewer of them.  A great way of immersing yourself in nature and enjoying all of the positives that come from it.

Kitchen and Dining Area.
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Bedroom Area.
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Sitting on the Deck.
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Sunrise Early Start.
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Coffee on the Deck.
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The Beauty of Nature.
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Sunset and the Show Begins.
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Night Time and the Stars.
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New Zealand in all its splendour.
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