1 Jan 2019

Fantasy Architecture Maps and Buildings

An artist that has a passion for maps and architecture, objects and scenes.
American Artist John Stevenson, describes himself as a Mapmaker, Illustrator and Imaginer of Worlds. The following are some of the things that he enjoys about constructing worlds in his mind and translating them to drawings on paper: "I love envisioning terrains and locations, buildings and vegetation; all of the little details that create that ineffable sense of place, the things that make it real for the viewer. I am all about imagining better worlds."  The inhabitants of these towns are very friendly towards tourists, so lets explore these lands and buildings, that Stevenson skilfully created for our enjoyment.

Back Stair Street.
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Harbor and Gristle.
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The Dragon's Roost.
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Back Stair Street 2.
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Gihn Mofeht's house.
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High Tower Street - West.
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GrayHound and Crow map.
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The Barnacle.
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The edge of Wodesmehn Towne.
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WispTale Manor.
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Beagle House Gatehouse.
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Beagle House.
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Felian's Tower.
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