17 Dec 2018

Tiny Home with Great Design Features

A great home, that you would not recognise as a House on Wheels, from the pictures of the interior.
A LiL' Lodge is a Recreational Park Model RV, built to a high standard but, on a smaller scale.  Tiny homes have come a long way from their inception.  Originally the idea was to make them as small as possible with basic features in all of the aspects of living.  Now that this movement has gained more traction and there are more companies involved in their construction, they are competing on the quality of the materials as well as design, to attract a buyer.  There are restrictions in width and height to be comply with road requirements, but this is not stopping builders coming up with new innovative designs inside and out.  Press the link "Tiny House" to see more posts about these lovely homes.

Home with Porch.
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Kitchen and Dining Area.
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Living Room.
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Walk In Shower.
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Master Bedroom.
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Guest Bedroom.
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Home External View.
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