27 Jan 2019

Celebrities and Non - Ballpoint Pen Portraits

A mix of people, with different ages, expressions, poses and celebrity status.
Mostafa Khodeir is from Egypt and he explains how his love for drawing at an early age, was briefly interrupted, as he felt that his studies should come first.  After secondary school, he decided to pick it up again and focused on pencil drawings, till he started seeing  realistic ballpoint pen portraits and was fascinated by them.  Now a few words from Khodeir "I started drawing with pen, the first tries failed but with The persistence and effort reached a higher level than those I was followed and learned from them." So for all you artists out there just starting up, remember, the good artists, who's work you look up to and admire, once started exactly where you are now.  Don't get discouraged, with patience, determination and a lot of practice, you can get to that level of skill as well.  Have fun creating art.

Morgan Freeman.
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Vintage Looking Portrait.
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Hazal Kaya.
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Peaceful Serenity.
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Marilyn Monroe.
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The Ballerina.
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Marble Statue.
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Expressions Speak louder than Words.
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Intricate Textiles.
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Emotions Set, Free.
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Princess Diana.
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Confident and Determined.
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