28 Jan 2019

Floating Architecture Pole House Fairhaven

A home that stands up above everything else, giving amazing views of its surroundings.
F2 Architecture, are the Australian Architectural firm that designed this imposing house, called the Pole House Fairhaven.  The building is designed to give the impression of sitting above the water, from certain angles. Its suspended on a 130 foot (40m) pole above the ground, with a bridge connecting it to the hillside.  This home is available for renting, making it perfect for a weekend or longer, getaway.  By the way, the interior, as you can see from the pictures below, is just as beautiful to look at, so plenty more to see.  Photos via demilked.

Bridge to the House.
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Living Room with 180 Degree Views.
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Bedroom and Kitchen.
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Views of the Ocean.
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Sunset on the Balcony.
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Views from below.
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Lit-up in all its glory.
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Wide View Photograph, of the House.
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High on the Hill.
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Picture Perfect Photo.
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Aerial Shot.
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