22 Jan 2019

European Architecture in Watercolor Paintings

An artist that has a love for painting and the beauty in the world, which she wants to show us through her art.
Eleanor Mill from  St Petersburg, Russia, is a very open minded artist, that is always in search of new artistic adventures and mediums.  As you may have guessed, her favourite is watercolor paintings.  Her enthusiasm, carry her words in a way, that I could only approximate, so I find it better to go straight to the source:  "Even when travelling I always take several sketchbooks in various formats and with different paper, as well as ink, watercolor, feathers, liners, pastel, charcoal ... I do not want to set any limits to my creativity. Designing taught me to be in constant search, to revise my outlook on things, their combination and their role in the world around."  Enjoy these lovely architectural scenes, with colorful city buildings and streets.

Vers le soir, Namur, Belgium.
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Meuse mirror.
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Rhythms of St. Petersburg.
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Fishing boats Silence, Martigues, France.
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Boats and sea, Brise, Hvar, Croatia.
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Piazza Navona, Azure luster, Rome, Italy.
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Riga Dome Cathedral, The Old friends, Latvia.
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Singer house, House of Books, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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The old bridge, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Urban sketch from Rome, Italy, Salotto restaurant.
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Hvar, Croatia, Sea, Street.
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Mont Saint-Michel, France.
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Château Chaumont-sur-Loire. Mes souvenirs de vacances en France.
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Fountain Rome, Giardino Quadrato, Vatican, Italy.
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