21 Jan 2019

The Boot Architecture in a Tiny House

An Architectural building, probably inspired by the storybook fairy tale. This particular tiny home, is located in New Zealand.
The Boot B&B, is part of the Jester House Cafe and for the description I will pass it on to the owners: "Nestled in a hazelnut grove, The Boot cottage offers you privacy, luxury and relaxation.  Up the spiral staircase you’ll find the bedroom with a regal queen-sized bed, dark curtains for late morning rises, and a Juliet balcony with views into the courtyard and across the pond."  As you can see from the photos below (via dailymail) it is such a cosy little home, perfect for writing your own story, when you go and visit.

Master Bedroom.
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Master Bedroom with Sash Window.
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Living Room and Dining Room.
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Shower Room.
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View from Above.
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External Fireplace.
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Getting ready for the Night.
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