19 Feb 2019

Architecture Drawings and Interior Design

From ancient, to present day architecture.
Architect Adelina Popescu currently living in London UK,  has studied and practised in may different countries.  Today I am bringing to you, her architectural drawings, they are an eclectic bunch, as they encompass many different ages, styles, finishes and two interior drawings.  There are contrasts like: the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain that was started in 1882, is expected to be completed in 2028 and the 57-story building in Changsha, China, was constructed in 19 days.  A few of the more famous and historic buildings, have a little bit of information attached to them, worth the read.  Enjoy this architectural travel though time...

Stone Clad Building.
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Glass Roof Conservatory.
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Living Room and Fireplace.
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Vatican City, Rome, Italy.
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Colosseum, Rome, Italy
10 years – Colosseum in Rome. Started around 70 AD, fnished around 80 AD.
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Empire State Building, New York, US
construction time: 1 year, 45 days – Started March 1930, finished in 1931.
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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
construction time: 134 years (and counting) – Started in 1882, will finish in 2028.
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Great Wall of China
construction time: 2,000 years – Started around 400 BC, finished around 1,600 AD.
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Mini Sky City, China
It's 57-story building in Changsha, construction time: 19 days (that is not a typo).
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Stonehenge, UK
1,600 years – Started around 3,100 BC, finished around 1,500 BC.
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Detailed Stone Building.
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Architectural Detail.
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