18 Feb 2019

Off Grid Cabin Tiny Home Architecture

Minimalist Architecture, that provides a comfortable tiny house, with all of the basic necessities and a lot of Nature.
Off-grid cabin rented out by Cabinscape, in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  It sits on 75 acres of private  and secluded hardwood forest, with a creek running across the property.  A five minute drive takes you to the shores of Lake Huron, with beautiful views, throughout the year.  To show how remote this cabin becomes during the cold months, just have a look at their:  "Winter Disclaimer: This cabin is a hike-in cabin when the snow becomes too difficult to drive through (600 meter hike). Guests are provided with snow-shoes and a sled to haul their gear. Running water is turned off in October when the lake begins to freeze. Drinking and dish washing water is provided..."  I still think it's a great place, but I would learn basic survival skills for a winter visit, just in case I get cut off.  What do you think?

Exterior, Front Entrance.
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Lower Bed and the Forest.
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Interior View 1.
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Interior View 2.
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Kitchen from Above.
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Sitting Room and Dining Room.
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Kitchen Counter.
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Deck and View of the Creek.
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Deck and BBQ.
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A View from Below.
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Beach Stairs.
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Sunset 1.
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Sunset 2.
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