25 Feb 2019

Architecture in Tiny Victorian Cottage

A cosy version, of a Victorian Mansion.
This tiny House was recently listed for $125,000 by Berkshire Hathawayhs, it has now sold and the new owner is really going to enjoy this place and its surroundings.  It's a 1 bedroom House 424 ft² (about 39m²).  It is set on a 4 acre plot of land, in Monroe, Maine.  It includes fruit trees, stone walls and a guest cottage.  The property is adjacent to a stream and a waterfall.  The perfect description of a fairy tale place.

Front Entrance.
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Master Bedroom.
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Living Room and Study Area.
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Rustic Kitchen.
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06-The Meadow-in-front-of-the-House-Architecture-in-Tiny-Victorian-Cottage-www-designstack-co
The Meadow in front of the House.
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Frozen Waterfall.
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