24 Feb 2019

Ballpoint Pen Portraits Progression Drawings

Drawings that show progress through the years, that will hopefully encourage budding artists out there.
Larry Tamara, is a Nigerian Artist with a great talent for realism and detailing.  He works with a very unforgiving medium, when it comes to errors, the ballpoint pen portraits.  The next thought, is one he shares on his site:  "I usually focus on creating and neglect the part where I can literally share my art."  Hopefully for him, people will now see, just how good he is and that he will be able to make a great and long lasting carer out of it.

Birthday Commission.
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Black Panther.
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Tiger WIP.
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Exercising Drawing Progress.
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Jessica Alba progress.
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Rihanna Progress.
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Drawing Progress.
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Dr. Theodora Nikaki.
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Drunken Master 醉拳.
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Mummy Uko.
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