15 Feb 2019

Brightly Colored Pencil Drawings

A quote from the artist: "Just a girl who prefers to spend most of her time with pencils."
The artist is Danielle J. Washington and as you can see from the image above and the ones below, she is really able to bring out beautiful, bright colors and blends, to enhance the images she draws.   Colored pencils used to be considered entry level kind of art, something to get children used to using various colors, before graduating to more adult and sophisticated mediums.  I love the fact that now, artists are showing just how beautiful the results from a colored pencil drawing can be. Just look at some of the realistic pencil drawings and artists that we collected here on DesignStack.  If you press this link Color Pencil, you can see these posts.

Dragonball Roses.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

02-Luna Moth-WIP-Danielle-Washington-Brightly-Colored-Pencil-Drawings-www-designstack-co
Luna Moth WIP.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Butterfly Wings.
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Dragonfly WIP.
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Lapislazuli Stevenuniverse.
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Rainbow Feather.
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Rainbow Ribbon.
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Sparkling Lotus.
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Koi Fish.
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Octopus and the Jewel.
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Zodiac Cancer the Crab.
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