16 Feb 2019

Fantasy Animal Combination Drawings

An artist that is starting to build up a portfolio of great pieces.
Joshua Dansby, seems to be starting his online adventure as an artist, we usually like to have a few more images to display, than the ones that we have today.  But exceptions are made for circumstances such as these. The drawing that I absolutely love, is his bat / fox combination, it's so beautifully drawn and detailed, that you would be forgiven for thinking that 1. it's a photograph and 2. that it is a real species.  As well as that drawing, there are animals mixed with nature and other interesting fantasy creatures.  Enjoy this post, short, but sweet.

Fox / Bat.
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Blossom Wolf.
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Rose Rabbit.
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Fox with Nine Tales - Pokemon.
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Deer / Vulture.
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The Phoenix.
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