8 Mar 2019

Family Album Animal Portrait Drawings


In a surreal alternate universe, where animal had evolved along similar lines as humans, the following would be a very plausible family album.
Mike Koubou has been featured before here on DesignStack, have a look at the link below, for more of his work and to see the lovely way he stages his drawings. 
If you accept the premise set out above, then this next statement from Koubou does not sound that strange:  "Last week I found an old family album in my garret and wanted to share it with you!  Please, letʼs keep this between us, my family doesnʼt like to share these pictures. Letʼs respect their privacy, please."  These portraits are definitely a way of letting your mind run wild, allowing it to take a very surreal perspective of life.  Not a great leap in thought, for us in 2019, having grown with animal movie animations, cartoons and comics.  Imagine, if you were showing these drawings to someone in the 1800s and how different their reaction would be...

Stylized Sketchbook Animal Pencil Drawings

Douglas and Catlyn.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

The Foxes were also a lovely couple. Bunny was sometimes very jealous of Vulpes.
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Duck, lived in the mountains of Alaska.
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Giro is Italian but he spent most of his life in Africa.
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Rocky was the best in traditional tattooing.
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Werner, a German hunter from Munich.
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I don't even know who this guy is.
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Jackson T. Junior was the first astronaut who landed on the moon.
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Liam loved to dress like a Gentleman.
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Noah is the twin brother of Liam.
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Lumberjack Leo.
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Uncle Ben.
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