16 Mar 2019

Realistic Wildlife Animal Drawings

Showing love for art and the animal kingdom, by immortalising them on paper.
Artist mART is able to create these beautiful likenesses with the use of pastel pencils.  Not only beautiful to look at and amazingly detailed, but funny and cute as well, like the dancing penguins and the baby elephant with the mother.  This is a small extract from the artist's site:  "I have been interested in wildlife for as long as I can remember. My parents are to thank for that. When I was a toddler they ran the mountain gorilla project on the border of Rwanda and DR Congo. I've been drawing animals ever since..."

Dancing Penguins.
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Baby Elephant and Mother.
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Baby Mountain Gorilla.
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Baby Mountain Gorilla 2.
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Orangutan and baby.
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Snow Leopard Kitten.
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Blue and Yellow Macaw.
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Lanner Falcon.
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Sea Turtle.
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