15 Mar 2019

Life Experiences Expressed in Drawings

An artist that draws (I mean it in both senses of the word), from her experiences and the feelings she goes through, in her daily life.
Qing Han has been featured before, here on DesignStack and this is how she describes herself: "Professional doodler - 4x open heart surgery survivor".  Her art is very passionate and could, sometimes, be seen as dark.  If you have that many life threatening operations at a young age, I think that you develop a different perspective of life from most.  The aspect of our life that concerns our mortality, is something that we push way back in our minds and are seldomly reminded about it.  In Han's life, this feature takes centre stage and it is celebrated in a beautiful outpouring of fantasy art, with a very hopeful feel to it.

Fantasy illustrations Drawn with Imagination

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Star Showers.
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Painting Goldfish.
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Princess in Practice.
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Black tea.
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Art blocked.
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Cosmos through the Viewfinder.
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Escape from my mind.
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Longing for home, home amongst the stars.
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Star scattering.
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