22 Apr 2019

Architecture with the Fire Lookout Tower

More about the need and use of this kind of building, below.
MT-Creative Architects, designed this replica fire lookout tower in Whitefish, Montana.  The person that would take residence in such a building, is called a fire lookout.  His or her job, would be to make sure that there were no fires on the land that this person was employed to keep an eye on.  To achieve this task, fire lookout towers, are always built on the highest point, to give them an interrupted view over a vast amount of land.  Now that a lot of them are being sold as houses, with extraordinary views over nature, these buildings are becoming better known and more sort after by the public at large.  There is just something about being so far above ground, in your own building, in the middle of a wonderful setting such as this.  These beautiful photographs were taken by Heidi A. Long.

In the Snow.
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360 Degree Views.
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Living Room.
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Sunbathing on the Balcony.
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Stairs to the House.
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Towering over it's surrounds.
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View from Below.
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