23 Apr 2019

Moleskine Book with Sketches and Notes

An artist fascinated with the buildings and history that populate our cities and nations.
Jerome Tryon, predominately uses Graphite and ink, to fill the pages of his moleskine drawing book, with fantastic sketches plus notes, of the places and buildings he visits.  On his Instagram page, he takes the time to explain a little bit more about the history of the building, or/and the experiences that took place whilst sketching in situ (in place / on the spot).  Most of the drawings that are in the post, represent his trip to Rome, one of the exceptions is of the Berlin Museum.  Enjoy the tour of these historic buildings, courtesy of Tryon.  More of his work here on DesignStack in the link below.

Observations and Ideas in Moleskine Drawings

Bode Museum in Berlin.
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Colosseum 2.
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Piazza della Rotonda.
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A sketch while sitting at the base of the statue of Bruno at the Campo dei Fiori Rome Italy.
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Morning sketches near the Tiber Rome.
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Notes on the Pantheon.
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Referencing notes for a proportional study drawing on the Pantheon.
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San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane.
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Notes and Sketches from Rome.
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The Roman Forum.
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Fall is in the air.
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Sketches and thoughts from the train.
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