30 Apr 2019

Urban Sketches Drawn on Site

What a great skill to be able to rely on, imagine you are sightseeing, instead reaching for you camera, you go for your pen and sketchbook.
I have taken two extracts from the site of Urban Architectural Artist, Mark Poulier, that give an insight to him as an artist:  "I'm an Art Director who is also a passionate pen and ink sketcher living in Melbourne, Australia." and "I draw architecture. I mostly draw balancing a sketchbook on my lap on site or in a Melbourne cafe."  The good news is, that this talented artist runs classes, to pass all of the perspective, proportion and shading tricks and techniques, to a new wave of interested and passionate artists.  More of his amazing work, here on DesignStack, in the link below.

Drawing Urban Architecture on a Sketchbook

Baroque Architecture, Aerial View Map Birdseye View Dome.
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Lucca Anfiteatro.
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Brooklyn Brownstones.
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Victorian Windows.
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Walking Around Venezia.
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Facade Favourites.
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Baroque Architecture.
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New York.
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Church of the Santissimo Redentore.
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Florence Italy Urban Sketch Renaissance.
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11-Venice -Mark-Poulier-Urban-Sketches-Drawn-on-Site-www-designstack-co
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Spanish with Stork’s Nests Bell Tower.
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New York 2.
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