6 May 2019

Architecture The Orchid Tiny House

Classy tiny home, both in and out.
New Frontier Tiny Homes, has delivered yet another example of a home, that has all of the comfort and class of a much larger one presented in a more cosy and smaller scale habitation.  If you look at the pictures below, you can see just how far these houses have come from when they first started, or from when they evolved from the Caravan or the RV.  This is a one bedroom that has an extra bedroom when the pullout bed in the living room, slides out from underneath the kitchen and dining area.  A beautiful walk in shower and toilet room, plus cupboard space dotted around the house.  There are plenty of windows that offer great views all around, plus huge amount of light and plenty of fresh air.  A lot to look at in such a small place and nighttime photos that really add a lot of warmth and ambience to it.  Check out 2 more of their buildings in the link below.

New Frontier Tiny Homes Previous Buildings

Front Entrance.
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Dining Room and Living Room.
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Living Room and Kitchen.
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Closet and Bathroom.
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Walk in Shower.
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Sink and Toilet.
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Ladder to King Size Bedroom.
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Master Bedroom.
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Living Room.
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Extra Double Bed.
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Open views to the forest.
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Aerial View.
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Back of the House.
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Front of the House.
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