7 May 2019

Complexity in Architectural Drawings

An upstanding amount of details crammed into these wonderful examples of architecture.
Not only does British artist Liam Hipple, have real talent when it comes to drawing, but he also has a great eye, when it comes to choosing buildings to represent.  Mostly black and white ink drawings and there are a couple of examples of colored ones.  Even though I like the colored ones my heart always goes for the B&W ones.  Amongst the drawings, there is a detailed one of Notre Dame, in Paris, recently damaged in a fire, here you get to see parts of the roof.  I am sure that art and pictures, plus the original plans, are going to play a big part in the reconstruction.  I saw a headline, that said that they might even use a video game, as reference as the building in it, is so well detailed.  Don't quote me on that, though, not sure of its accuracy.

Arc de Triomf Barcelona (About 85% finished).
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Arc de Triomf Barcelona Detail.
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Notre Dame Paris.
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Italian Gothic Window Orvieto Rose.
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Miniature Siena Piazza Del Duomo progress.
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Palace of Westminster.
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Mont Saint Michel.
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Piazza Del Duomo.
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Piazza Del Duomo Color.
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San Frediano in Cestello.
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San Gregorio Armeno Bell Tower.
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Tower Bridge.
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Arch of Constantine.
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Cathedral Wip.
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  1. The detailing makes me dizzy! Guess that is why they are the artist and not me, hahaha.

  2. They really do look like photographs of the real thing.


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