10 May 2019

Intricate Moleskine Drawings with Cats

Many different types of detailing adorn the pages of this artist's sketchbook.
The following is a sum up from artist Lena Limkina, delivered in her own words: "Freelance artist specialized in printmaking and watercolor illustrations: botanical illustrations, jewelry illustrations and sometimes scientific illustrations. I have been painting since childhood. I've been studying medical engineering, but my passion for fine arts has taken precedence."  She must have a real love for cats, as all of her ink moleskine drawings, feature, one or more of them. These drawings also include calligraphy, other animals, plenty of detailed patterns and Gothic architectural features.  A lot to look at and admire.

Moleskine Illustrations Adorned with Lovely Calligraphy

Cat and Bird and Gothic Architecture.
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Cats Eagles and Eyes.
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Cats and Crow.
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Cats and Bat Sleeping.
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Cats Snake, and Time.
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Cats, Bird and Violin.
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Architecture and a Child.
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Cats and The Queen of Clubs.
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Cat and Flowers.
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Cats and Dentistry?
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Cats Parrot and a Human.
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Cats and Detailed Wing.
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