17 Jun 2019

Cabin Architecture set on a Hill

A hotel room, that does not have immediate neighbours, giving you your own little space.
Mexican Architects Gracia Studio, were tasked with coming up with a design, that provided a hotel with 20 separate cabins on the hills of the Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, in México, which is this wine making region.  Furthermore, they had to create as less as an impact on nature as they could and make the best of these beautiful hills.  Each room is suspended off of the ground, thanks to a steel frame.  Every cabin encompasses a bedroom, en suite and a deck with a clay chiminea.  Hoteliers are looking at new ways of attracting paying costumers and a cabin with all of the modern comfort that puts you in reaching touch to nature, without imposing on the landscape too much, is something a lot of businesses are trying out and it seems to be, a big success with the clients.

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Cabin Floor Plan.
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Bedroom Entrance.
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Bedroom with Views.
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Minimalist Bedroom.
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Seating Area and Bathroom.
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Closet Space.
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Stylish Room.
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Low Impact Building.
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Beautiful Landscape.
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Being part of the Hillside.
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Swimming Pool.
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Night Time Refuge.
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Building Location.
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