30 Jun 2019

Superheroes and Villains Pencil Drawings

Characters spanning decades and freshly newly born ones, in this fantasy world of real life souped-up.
The title doesn't really fit the world of Graphic and Comic Book Art, that we live in now.  The new characters or the evolution of some of the old ones, appear to have a more realistic position on the spectrum of Good and Bad, or Superhero and Villain.  There is no clear-cut division any more, where you are either all good or all bad.  More interesting storylines that have a better foundation in what we recognise and see on a daily basis.  It allows us empathise more with the characters, making it possible for us to see, a few, parallels with our own lives.  It's a good time to be an artist like Chris Clarke, that not only nails every drawing, but that helps remind us, of our new found champions, of the big screen and graphic novel pages.  BTW a little bit more about Clarke's technique, usually background airbrushed and the rest colored pencils, I wanted to clarify this because I only mentioned the pencils in the title.

Batman Beyond.
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Harley Quinn.
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Cable Deadpool 2.
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Captain America.
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Iron Man.
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Master Chief.
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Wolverine Comic Variant.
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Boba Fett.
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Thanos Infinity War.
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Heath Ledger The Joker.
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