1 Jul 2019

Compact Architecture Tiny House Living

A tiny house that stretches that description, when you walk inside it.
Truform Tiny, are the designers and builders of this excellently designed home.  All of the main features of a bigger home are included, with no wasted or awkward areas. Each room flows into the next giving the home, a feel of a warm embrace.  There is a degree of separation within, with the master bedroom at the top and the office / spare room, behind a sliding door.  The dining area is very cosy, but I am sure more can be done if you have a few friends coming over.  This compact structure, makes the build more sustainable and easier for the builders, that don't have to work and be delayed by the weather, as all the construction happens in a factory.  Lets not forget that this home is on wheels and can be transported to any spot that suits your fancy, and if you get tiered of that, you can move somewhere else.

Front Elevation.
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Kitchen and Stairs to Bedroom.
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Living Room.
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Dining Area.
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Office - Spare Bedroom.
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View from Above.
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Bedroom Looking out.
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Master Bedroom.
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