8 Jul 2019

Large Tiny House on Wheels

A not so tiny house, that saves on space, but does not skimp on comfort.
Matt Hobbs, is the main builder of this home, he owns his own bathroom and renovation company, with the help of a few friends and colleagues, for some of the parts, he erected this wonderful home for his partner, Lisa, and himself.  There are certain features that you wouldn't usually see on a tiny home, like a standing height on the first floor, a very spacious bathroom and shower, plus a conventional toilet that flushes into the existing septic tank.  The house sits on a 16 acre plot, that was bought after a forest fire, that destroyed the original homes in the area, that is the reason for the existing tank.  Many more feature to see, the best way to enjoy them, is to look at the pictures and the video, which has professional walk though with commentary from livingbiginatinyhouse.com

This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind.

Land around the home.
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Kitchen and Stairs to First Floor.
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Kitchen and Living Room.
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Living Room from above.
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Living Room.
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Master Bedroom.
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Guest Bedroom.
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Views of the forest.
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Cat Run.
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  1. Love the tiny house concept & this house in particular, but in the video, the couple obviously had problems. Just saying.....

    1. I agree, it's a lovely home with some very special and useful details. Thank you very much for your comment, i hope you have a fantastic day and week.


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