2 Jul 2019

Urban Architectural Pen Drawings

Black and white Pen drawings, that show the poorer side of architecture.
ibsuki  指宿  is a Japanese artist, I have not been able to find anything to suggest, why, these particular buildings.  They seem to vary from high density, to poverty and abandonment.  Stark illustrations that if you haven't experienced in person you have probably seen on movies and documentaries.  In a society in which we put forward opulence and beauty, it's good to be reminded that, on the other side of the spectrum, still exist places like this, where shock and amazement of their existence, is replaced by just being another Tuesday for them.  Sorry, didn't mean for it to sound gloomy, but rather keep a little bit of balance and reality in this blog every now and then.  On a lighter note, the thing that fascinated me about this art, is that it is drawn in pen and comes with some lovely details.  I named the pictures as there was no formal tile on the pictures.

In the Dead of Night.
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Foreground vs Background.
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Facing Each Other.
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Fishing Boats.
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Balconies and Bars.
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Balconies and Bars Wide Angle.
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Dark Alley.
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Traditional Shop Front.
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Tight Squeeze.
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Abandoned, Desolation and Destruction.
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Reaching for the Sky.
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Staircase to a different future.
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