30 Dec 2019

Mental Exercises with Surrealism

Photos that make you brain pause and think...
Septian Bayu Abdullah, is the artist behind the mental workout and imagination exercises in this post.  The individual portions of the picture, make sense, when examined separately.  But when put together, our brains slam the breaks on, like an emergency stop, trying to tell us that there is something not quite right with what we are looking at.  Don't worry, like any physical exercise, it's hard at first, but if you persevere, you will get amazing results and feel a lot better for doing it.  As Septian mentions on his social media page "Keep your imagination alive".  I truly believe that these are words to live by.

Looking back at the good old days.
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Waters parting for a great reveal.
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Turtle Food Art.
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Mjolnir Hammer Thor.
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Relationships across time.
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City on the edge of the universe.
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Rhino Night and Day.
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Feather wave.
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We are all doing a balancing act.
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Which way is up?...
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