6 Dec 2019

Stippling Ink Drawings

Many different subjects to showcase versatility and accuracy in execution.
Nelly Todorova, is a Bulgarian artist now working in Austria.  Her drawings aim for realism, using a drawing technique called stippling.  To achieve this effect, most artists use fineliners.  These ink pens give the dot a nice dark color and a small diameter.  As these drawings are drawn entirely by dots, the more there are, the better the final result.  It's the dot density, that will give an area a light or a dark finish.  As the drawings become more complex and bigger, so do the count of the dots, that in some cases can run in the millions.  Below you will be able to see examples of celebrities, animals, conceptual drawings, typography and more.  I will now leave you to it.  Enjoy.

Flower snake.
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Beth Hart and Calla lily.
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Minimalist Husky.
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Ampersand typography.
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Custom "A" typography.
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Skull phone holder.
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The wasp.
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