29 Feb 2020

Mofumofu Animals in Vintage Armour

Amazing stories and a world, wrapped around these cute cats and dogs, characters.
Japanese artist and illustrator PankichiM, constructed this world, and these are some of their inhabitants. Most of the artist's writing, is in Japanese and google translate came very handy.  The artists describes his characters as mofumofu モフモフ animals.  (Mofumofu is a Japanese onomatopoeia, which is a word associated with the sound it makes, for example cuckoo, sizzle.  In Japanese the sound of the word, is associated with the sound of petting a fury, fluffy animal, it can also be used for people with fluffy hair.)  Each drawing below, has a small extract from the story, as translated by google, from PankichiM's original description.  Sweet drawings and an interesting background that I knew nothing about before today.  Now over to the knights and the rest of the characters below...

Dog knight Siberian husky berian. His eyes are almost invisible, but there is no blind spot in his sense of smell and hearing...
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Dog Knight Kuroshiba's Roshiban's weakness, Mofumofu's ears, can only be touched by the master who has sworn allegiance...
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Archer The king of the king who shoots out even the eyes of a flying dragon, the chatter of a tea tiger...
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A glutton scholar, a PhD in the Allan Kingdom of the Yorkshire Terrier, he was discreet and unfamiliar with the group...
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Welsh Corgi's inquisitive he found a departure Rossiban and followed him. Although he could not become a dog knight...
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Prince Halo of the kingdom served by Papillon's halo prince dog knights is cautious and Uchibenke...
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Group Photo.
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The dog knight Shiba Inu has a strong loyalty to Shiba, and his bond with those who forgave his heart is stronger than anyone...
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The dog knight dachshund's doug's sword-flowing sword-judgment is sung in the dog knight's poem...
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Black Knight The bee of a bee-warrior One who is related to him disappears from sinner to knight and royal family one after another...
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Former dog knight Schnauzer Nauzer...
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Monk The monk of the Pagublu Monastery of Pag...
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Serval Cat Bal and Dragon Rider Equipment Settings...
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