28 Feb 2020

Art in Architectural Cityscapes

A very different approach to drawing / painting, well known cityscapes from around the world.
I am sure it comes as no surprise, that British Artist Stephen Watkins, has a passion for art and architecture.  His drawings and paintings are sold around the world and gets regular commissions to depict a client's favourite skyline. A small selection, of the 200 pieces he has completed and sold, below.

01-Doha Buildings-Stephen-Watkins-Cityscapes-www-designstack-co
Doha Buildings.
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02-Landmarks of London-Stephen-Watkins-Cityscapes-www-designstack-co
Landmarks of London.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

03-Love In Paris-Stephen-Watkins-Cityscapes-www-designstack-co
Love In Paris.
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04-London Skyline-Stephen-Watkins-Cityscapes-www-designstack-co
London Skyline at Midnight.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

05-Over the Thames-Stephen-Watkins-Cityscapes-www-designstack-co
Over the Thames.
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07-Doha Stripes-Stephen-Watkins-Cityscapes-www-designstack-co
Doha Stripes.
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08-Doha Heat-Stephen-Watkins-Cityscapes-www-designstack-co
Doha Heat.
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