27 Feb 2020

Oil Paintings and their Models


It's always great to see the people, that inspired an artistic piece.
Polish Artist Damian Lechoszest, has a way of injecting a warmth in his paintings, that probably comes from his subjects, his oil painting technique and the colors he uses.  Most artists, use warm colors to achieve this effect, but I notice that the grey portrait below, has this subtle quality about it.  Then there are the ones, like the blacksmith, that exemplify the perfect synergy of the three point that I made above.   See what you think...

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  1. the one piece that i think is most outstanding is the one w the little girl and her grandpa baking bread. to me, that captured so much, you could stand in the painting and hear the conversation that goes on and feel the warmth of not only the oven but the two people. there is a reason for that painting being the most connective.
    the second one is the boy on the trunk, though to me, he seems to have been 'added in' once the painting was done. he does not exactly fit for some reason.(to me) maybe because he is just sitting there like he is posing for a portrait and has little to no connection to the action going on in the back ground in any way.
    i do think it is interesting to see the people that inspire the paintings at times, for me this time though, it took away from the feeling, the words of the painting. it took my imagined situation and put it in the present removing the imagination of the painter and maybe that is why that little boy in the painting looks like he does not belong there to me.
    if he was doing something other than just sitting there connecting him to the action in the painting, i might believe he really was there.

    i was also pulled into the first painting of the man lighting up in the dusk, but then quickly pulled out of it seeing the person in person. its a bit difficult maybe to explain, but
    the paintings are lovely and yes, full of depth. the artist is very talented w the brush!

    1. Beautiful comment full of interesting points.
      I know what you mean about having the model there, next to the painting and removing the immersive experience of the piece. But it happens so rarely that an artist includes their models in the photo, I thought it would be nice to see.
      Don't worry it's not going to become a trend.
      I hope you have a fantastic end of week.🌿️🌺️🌿️


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