11 Feb 2020

Paintings with Splashes of Color

Beautifully colorful, bright and cheerful acrylic paintings, to start you off, on this Tuesday morning.
Self Taught Australian Artist Ashvin Harrison's love for art, started as a hobby, that has now turned into a full time job.  His interesting style, has taken a lot of trial and error plus a lot of perfecting.  As far as the subjects for his work, Harrison paints all of the things that interest him, things that he experiences and loves about a variety of subjects.  In the post today you can see animals, nature, in the form of trees and ballet, where movement is captured in fantastically flowing paintings, in which the paint helps with the direction of the motion.  It was a friend, that originally suggested Harrison sell his work on line and he now has followers, admires and collectors, all over the world.  Take a chance you never know where it might lead to...

Ballet in Blue.
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Ballet in Green.
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Ballet in Red.
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Ballet in White.
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Ballet Shoes.
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Purple and Blue Owl.
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Orange and Yellow Bird.
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Elephant With Color Balloons.
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Visible Spectrum Fireworks.
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Orange and Yellow Cycling.
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Brown Orange Tree.
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Red Orange Tree.
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Green Tree.
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