25 Feb 2020

Realistic Ocean Resin Paintings

An artist that creates these ocean scenes as a hobby, in her spare time.
Rivka Wilkins, is a graphic designer and as I said above, she only paints these pieces when she has the time, then immediately puts the up for sale, when completed.  Wilkins apologises online because, by the sounds of it, the demand for her work, outstrips the amount she is able to create, (always a great thing for an artist).  She shares online, her recipe for the resin, but warns that this medium is very temperamental and the results can very, very easily given room conditions, like heat and humidity that in turn, are going to affect setting times.  All of these variables, make sure that each peace is a one of a kind and that the interest is kept high, with her legions of her admires and clients.

Tree section table top.
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Clock 1.
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Clock 2.
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Circular table top.
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Soap Dish.
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Tree trunk ring.
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Cutting block.
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Decorative Plate.
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Ring tray.
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Rectangular table top.
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