18 Feb 2020

Urban Cityscapes Drawings

An artist that at a young age, related to the world around him, only through his drawings.
British Artist Stephen Wiltshire, was diagnosed with autism and only learnt to fully speak, at the age of nine, thanks to the efforts of his school.  He had a fascination for drawing animals, cars and buildings, which his school used, to encourage him to speak.  He then went on to study Fine Art at City & Guilds Art College and now takes commissions from collectors from around the world.  He has a particular talent, to be able to retain information of an entire cityscape, he has only looked at for a few moments.  He then reproduces it quite accurately, from memory, without having to refer to it again.  Amazing personal story and a great artist in his own right, I hope you enjoy his work.

For more of Wiltshire's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

Rome - Colosseum.
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London Cityscape commission.
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1970's New York in my sketchbook.
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Paris - Notre Dame in 1988.
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Doha - Qatar Skyline.
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50's in London's Fleet Street with these rare RTW buses.
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Piccadilly Circus - London.
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Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
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Westminster Abbey - London.
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Los Angeles.
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Statue of Liberty & the view of Freedom Tower.
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Arc de Triomphe - Paris.
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