22 Mar 2020

Right Place at the Right Time

Two actions, that individually are ordinary, but when put together become extraordinary and funny.
Greek Artist Anthimos Ntagkas tried out street photography a few years ago and was hooked.  We are all thinking about a 100 things when walking around and going about our business. This is a time when we shut off, most of the outside world and our expressions, are more likely to reflect our true feeling. I think that, that is what fascinates most photographers about people, in street photography. Ntagkas takes it a step further by beating the odds in finding the funny convergence of a person and their environment. This results in providing the viewer, with altered impression, of what is going on. I speak of odds because the object associated with the human has to be at the exact distance and the viewer / photographer has to be at the right angle. These are frequently people in motion, so if all three of the factors don't line up at the same time, the effect is completely ruined. I gave them some titles; I hope that Ntagkas does not mind.

Had a bad day, ready to explode.
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You are not safe anywhere.
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He Stole my horse!!!
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Accidents happen...
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You know how they say that some dogs look like their owners?...
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This is lack of parental supervision!
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The face of a Killer and she knows it.
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When thinking is not your strong suit.
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Dog in a Rucksack.
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Rabbit in the bag.
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This restaurant, is assured good feedback.
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Headstrong, battle of the titans.
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See yourself as a Warrior and you will become a warrior!!!
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