21 Mar 2020

Surreal Combination Animal Drawings

I would enjoy reading the journey the artist took into surrealism, to come up with these concepts, as much as I love the finish animal pieces.
Dutch artist Redmer Hoekstra, is one of those illustrators that exercise the brain as well as the eyes, when you look at his works.  We have been following this talented artist for years, here at DesignStack. Every time we go to his site; he does not disappoint, with amazing and extravagant drawings. As well as spending time to produce the piece of art, he has to come up with a concept that makes sense to him and tells a story.  That is why his drawings can take between 32 to 40 hours to complete.  I will now leave the final words of this post, to a quote, found on Hoekstra's site: "I play with form, meaning and function, while new combinations arise."

The Rhino and the Dodo.
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Elephant and Rhino Cup.
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Travelling Elephant and Egg.
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Giraffe and a Pear Bird.
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05-Eagles and Panda-Redmer-Hoekstra-Surrealism-www-designstack-co
Eagles and Panda.
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Cat and Mice on the Penny Farthing.
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Mouse and the Cat Teapot.
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Crane and Architecture.
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Rabbits, Penguin and a Snail.
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The Fish, Seahorse and Bathtub.
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Turn on the tap, for feeding time.
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The frog and his pearly whites.
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