15 Apr 2020

Fractured Architectural Drawings

It almost looks like the buildings or cities, have been pulled out from the ground by the roots.
British based artist Nielen de Bruyn comes up with these interesting concepts.

A lot of the drawings are based on real buildings and cityscapes; whilst others look like fantasy flights, into the imagination of the artist. Just to reinforce this message, a few words from de Bruyn: "Inspired by lucid dreaming and reality shifting experiences within them".

Amongst these beautifully detailed drawings, a few curious surreal constructions like: the rhino palace and the snail multi story structure.

I am quite sure of some of these buildings; if you know where some of the unnamed ones were inspired by, please leave a note in the comments below.

A great way of getting drawings of buildings that have been featured by many artists before and giving them a whole new lease of life, by adopting a fresh and unique perspective.

Rome and Vatican City.
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Paris - Sacre Coeur.
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03-Paris-Notre Dame-Nielen-de-Bruyn-www-designstack-co
Paris - Notre Dame.
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Sacred Tree.
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Snail Trails.
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Rhino Palace.
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Rome - Colosseum and Milite Ignoto.
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Rome - Pantheon.
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London - Big Ben and Houses of Parliament.
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London - The Shard Tower Bridge and Saint Paul's cathedral.
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Palace Gate.
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State of Union.
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