19 Apr 2020

Mandala Drawings Taken Further

I typically bring you drawings, where mandalas are the concept and the theme of the picture.
In this case, Indonesian Artist Mrs Anugrah Momof adds so much more to the composition.

In the designs below, the mandala is not the entire illustration, but only forms part of it. Sometimes as little as an accent or a detail.

Examples of: color and black & White, inanimate objects, portraits, food art, animals, the concept of time and more...

A lot to unpack in these carefully and lovingly created concepts. A real bridge between strict, precise geometric art and more conventional free-flowing shapes.

Ps.  I have given them some titles.

01-The Crow and the Dreamcatcher-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
The Crow and the Dreamcatcher.
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02-Expressions of Time-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Expressions of Time.
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03-Baby Elephant Playing-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Baby Elephant Playing.
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04-Tea made from Stars-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Tea made from Stars.
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05-Everything flows from time-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Everything flows from time.
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06-Wind Spinner-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Wind Spinner.
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07-Hot Air Balloon-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Hot Air Balloon.
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08-Peacock and Time-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Peacock and Time.
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09-Clothed in light-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Clothed in light.
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10-Chess Knight-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Chess - Knight.
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11-Dragonfly and Lotus-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
Dragonfly and Lotus.
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12-The four suits-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
The four suits.
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13-The Owl and the Moon-Anugrah-Momof-Mandala-Art-www-designstack-co
The Owl and the Moon.
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  1. i like the watercolor w the ink drawings.
    a lot of movement going on there!

    1. I agree, it really is a great combination.
      I hope that you are well and that you have a wonderful Sunday.🌿️🌺️🌿️ DS

  2. Really amazing ones would like to initiate them

    1. That is great, we have many posts with artists that create mandalas. I will put a link below; you can have a look through them.


      I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. 🌿️🌺️🌿️