6 May 2020

Colored Architectural Drawings

No tourist spots or famous buildings / architecture, just the beauty of the humble side street and quaint house.
This is the work of Belarusian Artist Lena Leshko. She has a great eye for spotting those houses / streets that have that bright and serene feeling about them.  What I mean by that is, picking scenes that carry interest, details in the building like: doors, windows, balconies, unusual additions like wooden shutters etc.  Then there are the surroundings: cobbled stone streets, trees or plants in bloom.  The list continues with vintage shop signs, intricate iron and glass street lamps, a bicycle propped up against a building and so on...

The more of these things you can get in a piece of art, the more the interest will go up for the viewer. Think of it as the kind of street you would like to walk down, the things you would like to see in it.  I bet you find many them in the drawings below.

It doesn't take long to brighten up a street, just a bit of inspiration... This is something that really spreads, like a ripple in a pond.  I have been down streets where on house added plants and features, slowly but surely, the neighbours inspired, adopted some of the same improvements.  The final effect is achieved through time; it is really a view to behold.  The feeling of a street morphs from one that looked like it was in hibernation, to one that is now full of life and color.  Art just works through this process a lot faster.

Gothic Window.
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Herceg Novi, Montenegro.
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Climbing plant and flowers.
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Pezenas, France.
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Arles, France.
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Quaint little street.
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St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Venice, Italy.
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Quebec City, Canada.
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Bremen, Germany.
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