25 May 2020

Digital Art as Surrealism and Imagination

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Surrealism in digital art; the fount of inspiration and endless fascination by the viewers.
Photo Manipulation Artist Okan Özel, allows his imagination to run free to come up with these interesting concepts.

The charm and wonder that surrounds certain subjects like: the stars and the moon, have been with us since the dawn of humanity. Always looking up in amazement and puzzlement, as to what the universe is all about. That is why many artists have given way to their own fantasy views, of the cosmos beyond our world.

The moon seems to reincarnate in many different iterations on this post. Reinventing its self in the eyes of this artist. Just look at how much has been written about the moon, both real and fictional. Its true power on us, our planet and the perceived one; this is why it has been the inspiration for so many fantastic stories.

Dreams are one of the qualities that helps us deal with and offset the bad; expand our minds and horizons, cultivating in us more understanding and knowledge. Never let this precious resource go to waste, by not using it. Let your mind take the lead; you never know where its going to lead you...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

The enchanted forest.
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Train tracks and Guitar strings.
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Books can transport you different worlds and realities.
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Holding the moon and all of its powers.
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Moon Waterfall.
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Breathe magic into the world.
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Fishing for stars.
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Deep diving.
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A night full of dreams.
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A view of the future.
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Funfair swinging chairs tree.
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Find the right key, and it will unlock that door.
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