17 May 2020

Large Wildlife Drawings Graphite on Paper

An artist that is interested in more than just make a perfect likeness of the the animal she depicts.
As you can see from the illustrations she is standing next to, American Artist Zoe Keller specialises in large scale pencil drawings on paper. Her work gravitates towards animals and their natural environments.

We all live in closed system, where all of the parts are interconnected. If one or more elements of this ecosystem, of which we are a part of, is damaged, the other sections suffer as well. There seems to be a slow partial realisation, that we are not at the top of everything, but rather an equal part of it. If animals and nature suffer, we will in-turn as well.

Keller seeks to focus the attention on both: the endangered species and their environment, in the hope of raising awareness of the problem.

This next paragraph was taken from her site: "Keller's studio work draws upon months of academic research, collaborations with the scientific community, and on-the-ground experiences in wild places through artist residencies and self-directed expeditions."

Super detailed drawing of wildlife that can't but impress, especially given the message it comes with.

Another week waves goodbye, as brand new one beckons us to follow; a jump into the unknown, a span of time full of potential.

Keller Diptych Scale.
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Zion at Night.
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River Otter.
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Snakes of Zion National Park.
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Angel’s Landing.
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Common Small Mammals and Wild flowers of Zion National Park.
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Wolf and Cub.
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Old Growth.
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Lichens and Owl.
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