16 May 2020

Sketches of Wild Creatures

 Lovely little creatures that will warm your heart.
 French Artist Stan Manoukian is an: "artist/illustrator, seasoned comic book artist, development and story designer for film and commercials and toy designer".

 There seems to be a distinction between a creature and a monster. They are both loved but for very different reasons. Monsters are usually scary menacing; they are there to add fright or suspense in their stories. The name creature is more associated with cute and cuddly. Manoukian's works have all of the ingredients that make us go, aww...

 The rounded features of their bodies and faces, especially their big round eyes, are said to remind us of children's proportions; they really help bring out our nurturing side.

 Manoukian displays many different approaches and styles, when it comes to drawing them; this is assured to capture you continued attention, throughout the page. Sweet charters that ought to, if they haven't already, find a home in children's fantasy books. The are too good not to.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

Artist at Work.
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Exploring their surroundings.
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A very funny joke.
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The little mushroom.
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Exiting News.
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That comes as a surprise to the group.
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A magic Demonstration.
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This time I'm not budging!!!
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09-A Mischievous-Grin-Stan-Manoukian-www-designstack-co
A Mischievous Grin.
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The Usual Suspects.
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Baby Octopus.
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Shelter out of the rain.
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Crying of laughter.
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