9 May 2020

Sweet Creature Oil Paintings

Sweetness emanating in every direction, from these cute forest creatures, oil paintings on wood.
Art from Ecuadorian Artist Jean Pierre Arboleda, who studied and now works in the US.  I am sure that it will not come as a surprise, when I tell you that he loves animals and nature. That is why they feature in most of his paintings.

I was thinking about telling you of the aspects that I like regarding his art.  The subtle and the more brazen facets of his work.  It would all take too long, so I thought of writing a more bullet-point style kind of explanation:

- Lets start with the colors: they are so rich and warm that really compliment the animals depicted.
- Fine detailing. like the fur and the ears, of some animals, you will see the ones I mean below.
- The other features that compliment the animals in the picture: from plants and fruits, to stark plain backgrounds. They all do an excellent job in putting the spot-light on the creature.
- You know how people say that the have left the best for last?  I have done just that...  The eyes, in some more than others, are just adorable.  The realistic quality of the design, the shine and reflections; they work wonderfully with the rest of their features, to give them some adorable and amazing expressions.

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