28 Jun 2020

Detailed Nature Drawings

There is so much to unpack in these drawings, that it would be a pity to miss.

New Zealand Artist Tim Ingle gives off a powerful feel of inspiration when looking at his work.

On many of his drawings, Ingle looks like he starts off with a seed of an idea, which is drawn. He then lets his imagination and inspiration take over.
A push from his brain to convert every empty part of the page, with a beautifully detailed piece of a puzzle; one that relies on it being completed, to understand and appreciate the totality of the image.

There seems to be a lot going on in these drawings, a bit of fantasy, some sprinkles of surrealism and a side dish or realism.

The elegance of the execution, is what ties in all of these diverse themes and is what makes this page such an interesting visual read.

Sunday is on the way for some and on the cusp for others. With time moving like a sideways wave across our planet, make sure you are sitting on top of the board on the crest, enjoying the view. Try and help others climb onboard,, to enjoy it with you.

Spirit of the forest.
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Ocean Horse.
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A day in nature 1.
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A Day in Nature 2.
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Monarch Butterfly.
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Koi fish are a symbol of endurance.
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Rhino Flowers.
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Flower Horse.
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A Surreal motorcycle ride.
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Surreal Bird with a Top Hat.
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Drawing in my sketchbook to relax.
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New Zealand bird studies.
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The sketchbook.
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