25 Jun 2020

Large Urban Architectural Drawings

An artist that use charcoal, to give her pieces a rich and textured finish. A finish that really makes it look like a beautiful black and white photo.

The following are words from Miriam Innes:
"The natural qualities of charcoal remind me of my childhood picture making, where I often used pieces of bog oak. Bog oaks are thousands of years old and sourced from beneath the layers of peat-lands in the west of Ireland, where rural families like my own spent long summers ‘saving the turf’.

The process of using natural mediums to recreate man-made architectural structures has essentially been a core value in the work and its execution."

Innes is fascinated by urban scenes. More than just an aggregation of streets buildings, shops, and vehicles. They are, in a way, the supporting infrastructure of life. They hold great importance to us; we use these structures, motor vehicles and roads as integral parts of our lives.

You are looking at building, but what you are seeing is somebodies home, their personal space, their sanctuary. Even though you can't quite see it in the pictures, people are busy living behind those windows. It's happening right now...

The same goes for shops that people run to make a living out of, to provide a service to others.

Life is paused and seemingly absent in these beautiful drawings; a chance for us the viewer, to imagine and speculate as to what is going on, in each part of these complex and fascinating pieces.

See beyond the facade, the external veil, and there is where you are going to find...

Huge Drawings.
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Finishing touches.
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Bringing the neighborhood to life.
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Adding shadows and more details.
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Amazing scene.
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Water tank.
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Brick Building.
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Completing windows.
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Coffee shop WIP.
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Shops and cars.
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Expanding to the skyline.
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