19 Aug 2020

Variety in Ink Mandala Drawings

Many variations in an ancient form of art. (thought to have been created in first century B.C.E).

Indian artist Sanjana V Apnar diversifies her work, by allowing her imagination to take the mandala drawing style in many different directions.

Having just had a quick look at this post, there isn't one classic drawing in this grouping, so it should be new discoveries all the way through.

You will find a lot of competition on the internet for artists to attract a following. Thanks to social media, it's the easiest it has ever been to display your work out there for people to see. This also brings a disadvantages; in a sea of voices, how do you get yours heard?

One answer is to create something altogether different. Another, is to get and existing style and give it a fresh new look. Using imagination and great drawings skills, (like in the case with Apnar), to give your viewing public something interesting to appreciate. Plus leaving them wondering what you are going to do next.

I will not list all of the variations on the classic theme, as there are many, but rather let you explore and enjoy them for yourself.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

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Dolphins and Seascape.
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Mysore Palace.
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Tiger and Flowers.
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Map of the World.
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Lotus Flower.
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Ink Drips.
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The Rose.
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Complex Detailing.
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