30 Sept 2020

Black and White Animal Ink Drawings

Nature's endless variety in it's designs of creatures, which gives artist a lot to work with.Graphic Designer and Illustrator Tim Rees captures animals in action. Most of them are in the middle of doing something; even the Little Elf Owl at the top, is taking in the face of the person on who's hand he/she is perched on.

Ink sketches where the creature takes centre stage, nothing else to distract from the lovely features that the animal kingdom is so well known for.

I wonder if they truly are as care free, as they are said to be and look. It gives us the that reassuring feeling of freedom and peace of mind they might be experiencing.

A popular one is the dream of flying in a clear blue sky like a bird; soaring ever higher and taking in the words from a totally different perspective. Feeling the wind rushing through your body, being carried by the currents of air; switching from one to the other, like hailing busses to take you in different directions.

If we can't physically do it unaided, we can allow out minds to take us on those journeys; till will figure a way of making our bodies join them...
Little Elf Owl.
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Westie High Five.
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Sea Turtle Hatchling.
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Crocodile Momma, and Baby Hat.
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Atlas Moth.
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Bearded Capuchin Monkey.
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Field Mouse.
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Red Tailed Hawk.
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