26 Sept 2020

Stippling Fantasy Drawings

Tiny little dots that cascade from the top of the page, to compose these lovely images.
Rittika Biswas created these condensed micro fantasy worlds. Stippling drawings packed with great detailing and accompanied by a very serene feeling.

From open spaces to self-contained universes. The latter, you can keep on your shelf and access when you want/need a break. Places that are always there for when you require them; populated with all things that bring joy, reassurance and peace of mind.

Time to visit these tiny universes, full of magic and wonder.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Tiny tree houses, the cat and the moon.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
A house in it's own little universe.
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The ocean and a sprinkle of stars.
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A fairy guide to the magical world.
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The phoenix showing off its intricate plumage.
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Trying to keep it away form ageing time.
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Fireflies illuminating our world at night.
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Kitsune, the fox at nine tales, originating from Chinese mythology.
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The tree of life.
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Splendour all around you, seemingly just out of reach.
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