27 Sept 2020

Cat and Dog Realistic Drawings

Cats and dogs, two of the most popular human companions. Immortalised in these realistic drawings; for their owners to have as a keepsake to cherish.
British Artist Ruby Welstead has a love for animals, which really comes through her work. The process starts with a reference photograph from the pet owner. Welstead then uses colored pencils, to achieve this impressive result.

Some people always try to ignite the competition between cats and dogs, but like in all relationships it's all about fit. When you find that animal and they find you, it doesn't matter the species; the bond is a truly deep one, it keeps giving joy to both sides.

"Sweetie" ending the set with a lovely smile...


We all took different roads through the same days of the week, to find ourselves on day number seven - Sunday.

In Egyptian mythology the number seven is the symbol of eternal life. It stands for the perfection in a complete cycle.

As Sunday links to Monday at midnight, that cycle completes. If this is a perfect system, we need to find another way to run it, to gain its full potential. 
I hope you achieve yours.
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Moana drawing and photo.
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No mame.
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Fabio by R. Welstead
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Kit by R. Welstead
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